Correct auto Naturally “CAN”

Nature auto corrects autophagic-ally, same as any animal or plant as all are equally connected to the life force of Parity.

AIR – ante cipare means “prepare, to take”

The colorful word, ‘anticipation’ evolved to mean expecting something, waiting for something, considering something – it is the ‘evolution’ and transformation of the concepts of the phrase “ante cipare”, which means, prepare to take.

Life is a Stage of Stages toward Isolation or Intimacy

All of Life appears to us as developments compounding and morphing in a continuum. Each 24 hour cycle and our ‘stories’ validate this. We are always challenged by the opposites of each thing and the extremes or medians of each….

Guest to Ghost – Life’s best is at rest, civil wars wreck our highest nest

God does not speak in your headin your head you are the head If gods intervened in your headthe person …

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